BCSkill (Block chain skill )


No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource

打开 config.ini,修改

access-control-allow-origin = *

cleos system delegatebw Error 305003

更新EOS版本(release 1.0.7)后编译,部署

cleos system delegatebw voter1 voter1 '25000000.0000 EOS' '25000000.0000 EOS' --transfer

时出现Error 3050003: eosio_assert_message assertion failuer
查看nodeos log

assertion failure with message: cannot use transfer flag if delegating to self
    {"s":"cannot use transfer flag if delegating to self"}
    thread-0  wasm_interface.cpp:930 eosio_assert


Error 3060003: Contract Table Query Exception


surou@surou-C-H110M-K-Pro:~/eos/contracts$ cleos get currency balance eosio.token eosio
Error 3060003: Contract Table Query Exception
Most likely, the given table doesnt' exist in the blockchain.

nodeos log

2517984ms thread-0   http_plugin.cpp:405           handle_exception     ] FC Exception encountered while processing chain.get_currency_balance
2517984ms thread-0   http_plugin.cpp:406           handle_exception     ] Exception Details: 3060003 contract_table_query_exception: Contract Table Query Exception
Table accounts is not specified in the ABI
    thread-0  chain_plugin.cpp:659 get_table_type

切换到 release 分支1.0.7分支后此问题消失。所以不要尝试非(Releases分支)编译。等后面在遇到在做跟进


./eosio_build.sh -s EOS

Rpc Error details is empty

This is because in the latest version the error message is suppressed if you start nodeos with --verbose-http-errors option, you can see a more descriptive error message.