void myaction() {

   struct token_transfer {
      name from;
      name to;
      asset quantity;
      string memo;

   // transaction is inside "prop" object (that we get from a eosio.msig table)
   eosio::multisig::proposals proptable( "eosio.msig"_n, proposer.value );
   auto& prop = proptable.get( proposal_name.value, "proposal not found" );

   // get the first action in the transaction, remember transactions can have multiple actions
   eosio::action my_action = eosio::unpack<eosio::transaction>( prop.packed_transaction ).actions.front();

   // get the data out of the action
   token_transfer my_action_data = my_action.data_as<token_transfer>();

   const name from      = my_action_data.from;
   const name to        = my_action_data.to;
   const asset quantity = my_action_data.quantity;
   const string memo    = my_action_data.memo;